Mary Plenzler

Mary Plenzler

Mary does not need any introduction for most of us in SCACM. She has been a Med Tech since 1975 and has carried specialty certification in Microbiology since 1980. She has been a dedicated member of SCACM since 1976, having served in many capacities on the board including President, Teleconference Coordinator, Interest Coordinator, CEU coordinator and Director at Large to name a few.

She has been a real leader in our organization, cleaning up the positions that she has taken over and really stream-lining activities, and organizing and bringing all the guidelines up to date. She has really served as a mentor to those that have followed her in the various positions that she has taken on. Hers has been the voice of reason within our organization. Her activities on the board and in the Teleconference series has brought continuing education to literally thousands of microbiologists in our region, in the US and even world-wide.

Mary's contributions to continuing education in Medical Microbiology has been recognized by ASM with her receipt of the coveted Scherago-Rubin award at the ASM Microbe 2016.

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